• The artworks that Nelson produces are not represented in any gallery. To purchase original artworks, print on demand or NFT, visit the online store or contact us directly.

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Artistic Operations

Original pieces

STUDIO nelson gonzalez offers a selection of pieces produced in Aruba, Curaçao, United States, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, South Korea, Netherlands, Colombia, and Cuba after being presented in museums or alternative spaces. Visit the catalog of available pieces or contact us for more information.


Certified series

On-demand printing

STUDIO nelson gonzalez produces a series of printable pieces in different formats and supports. These series are maximum editions of 10 units. STUDIO Nelson González only issues these certificates of authenticity.



Buy NFT + 35mm

STUDIO nelson gonzalez presents at NFT the ISO 20 project. A series of graphic documents originally produced in 35mm 20 years ago. ISO 20 as a project presented at NFT offers the collector the original 35mm Negative by purchasing at NFT.


Special Projects

commissions and productions

STUDIO nelson gonzalez produces and co-produces projects that generate cultural, artistic and patrimonial products. We interact with professionals from different parts of the world to deliver: documentaries, publications, public art, etc…