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    Saint Barbara. The queer virgin

    Shangó is one of the Osha warriors, who is considered the king of the Yoruba religion and one of the most popular Orishas of his pantheon, also known for being the Orisha of justice, dance, virile strength, lightning, thunder, and fire.

    Although he changes his name among the different Afro-Caribbean practices and religions, he is still represented with the same attire and powers. He is the saint that all Caribbean males want as their patron saint, he is loved by women and is always linked to sexuality, adventure, and partying. 

    Post colonization, in the syncretic processes, Shango is represented with the Virgin Saint Barbara. In the Caribbean and the practitioners of the religion, sexuality is not discriminated against, among the symbolic imagery, but the relationship with the signifier and the faith.

The crown – 90 cm x 50 cm x 25  – Artistic operation –
Hair, glitter, threads, mastic, acid glue, cardboard  acrylic and epoxy – Aruba, 2021

Red and white? Yes, red and white… – 76 cm x 54.5 cm (6 pieces) – Cotton paper and acrylic – Aruba, 2021

Seven rays – 50 cm x 30 cm (6 pieces) – Artistic operation “El AMARRE”
Hair, razor blades, glitter, threads, mastic, acid glue, cardboard and acrylic on oval canvas – Aruba, 2021

Shangó crosses the desert searching for the gift of trade. In revenge, Ogun scares his horse to attack Shango unknowingly. Oyá, who saw what had happened, cut her braids and put them on Shangó. Cross-dressed and in braids, he managed to pass unnoticed by his enemies … So unnoticed that no one could recognize him; he was a hungry and neglected king. From a palm tree, he threw lightning bolts and stoked the fires. Thus he was able to demonstrate his authenticity and powers.
Maybe that’s why he is also recognized as 7 rays.

The cutted braids – 85 cm x 3 cm – Artistic operation –  Braided hairs and decorative ribbon – Aruba, 2021

Contemporary Syncretism – Photo Performance – NFT (6 pieces) Variable Measurements (Print) – Aruba, 2021

The axe – 90 cm x 50 cm x 25  – Artistic operation – Hair, razor blades, glitter, threads, mastic, acid glue, cardboard  acrylic and epoxy – Aruba, 2021

She is he and he is she…! – NFT (6 pieces) – Variable Measurements (Print) – Digital ready made- online recycling – Aruba, 2021

Shango was identified with a necklace of red beads. To center him and calm his fury,
God intercalated white beads to bring him into balance. Now it is recognized through multiple symbolism of the white intercalated within the red. Only in this way, he could enjoy his gifts. Red, white… red, white.

She is he and he is she…! – NFT (6 +3 pieces) – GIFF, Animated Sticker – Video loop – Digital ready made – online recycling – Aruba, 2021



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